Louie Felix has been a matchmaking expert in the relationship industry for over a decade. His start-up and acquisition background brought him to the relationship industry when he was contracted for the acquisition for a high-end Beverly Hills based matchmaking company. 

From there, he went on to serve as the CEO of two of the country’s largest matchmaking companies, as well as running the largest dating company in California. With these ventures, Felix was responsible for the successful matchmaking efforts of more than 50,000 clients. 

Currently, Felix is the founder and CEO of Matchmaking VIP which provides concierge level matchmaking services to clients around the world. He has created a unique proprietary matchmaking process with a “logic based” methodology. This has attributed to an astounding almost 70% of his clients pursuing relationships with the first 3-6 months of being a client. He is also the COO of Agape Match, a high end, exclusive New York City based matchmaking company.  

Felix has been featured as an expert matchmaker for shows on WeTV and the CW and heprovides expert advice to the media on matchmaking. He was also recently acknowledged as a top 5 worldwide matchmaker by both the International Dating Conference and the Matchmakers Alliance. Felix was also selected a one of America's top 10 Relationship Experts for the Great Love Debate National Tour.

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Sexy Secrets To A Juicy Love Life

Louie Felix collaborated with a team of dating and relationship experts from around the world to publish this Amazon Best Seller, Sexy Secrets To A Juicy Love Life.

Each chapter of the book was written by a different expert to give readers different expert opinions on dating and relationships. 

Submit your contact information at the top of the site and Louie will email you his chapter about Dating like it's 1945 - Dating with Purpose and Intention is the New Compromise, absolutely FREE!

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